Eight inappropriate moments for: The Teacher Voice

1. When you’re offering your guests a chair

“Everyone, sit down”


2. When you’re asking your housemates who would like a drink

“Eyes this way please! Put your hand up if you want a glass of water”


3. When you’re discussing the merits of a new textbook with your head teacher

“Now, if you continue using your listening skills, I can show you….”


4. When someone is angrily shouting at you about something that is definitely your fault

“Are you finished now? Good. Let’s discuss how you’re going to speak to me next time”


5. When someone else’s children are using their mobile phones in a shopping centre, during school holidays

“Put that away, or I’ll be minding it for you!”


6. When you’re on a bushwalk with your friends

“Put down that stick immediately!”


7. When someone in a nightclub taps you on the shoulder in an attempt to pick you up

“I’m speaking to someone else just now, but you’re next, ok?”


8. When you’re on a public bus and a group of loud teenagers get on

“Everybody find a seat and no swapping”





4 thoughts on “Eight inappropriate moments for: The Teacher Voice

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